Rajas Con Crema

by on 26/04/10 at 9:45 pm

This dish is one we have often enjoyed in Copper Canyon. It is quick and easy and is often enjoyed with rice and meat …or along with just about any feast- I love it!

This is a basic recipe to which you can add any number of spices and garnishes:

Look around for good poblanos and get the skin off.

Take and onion and some salt and sizzle them for awhile in a large skillet or sauce pan. As in the pic, I like to well brown the onions- even burn them a bit.

Sizzle em good.

Unskin about 8-10 good green poblanos (check online orRick Bayless or somewhere on ways to pop the skin off of chiles- if it is alot of work you need to get then hotter, be patient, and/or drink more sotol.)

Throw the poblanos in the pan after the onion gets moving and cookk them for a bit. Then add about a half cup or so of cream or sour cream- the call it crema.

Now you need to mess with it to make it like you want it- like with garlic or other spices or whatever.

Rajas (strips) con Crema

Oh…one more note- throw a little of that sotol you are sipping or a bit of wine.

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