Christine Dimacali on Channel 10, Philly

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This last week, Christine Dimacali of Clean Your Plate in Philadelphia called me about a post I had done on a delightful veggie dish from Copper Canyon called Rajas con Crema. She was prepping for a Cinco de Mayo show and wanted to get some insights from the Mexico on this authentic dish. What ensued is a great example of how chefs can benefit from this site and working together to build our resources on Norteno foods.

I told her all I knew about rajas (we have this dish all the time in Chihuahua kitchens). Then I called my cooking friend Jesus in Chihuahua and got this email back- actually there are TWO of them, Jesus #1 and Jesus #2 and they love to cook and serve us while we are there. Here is the email I sent Christine quoting their email- enjoy the English from J1 and J2:

Hi Christina- I have these two friends- Jesus #1 and Jesus #2 – in Chihuahua who I met on the square in Chihuahua two or three years ago.  They both enjoy food and Jesus #2 in particular is quite a cook- his family is heavily involved with food.
Interesting we were discussing cheese- and they DO include cheese. 
We have enjoyed rajas in J2s home several times – like they will host a group there and hos sister and he will cook up all kinds of stuff, including huitlacoche, which is the black corn smut or fungus dish, actually very good- so I sent them some questions and the answers are below.
Also- I have fixed this dish with just a bit of red or yellow pepper for a bit of color. Also with spinach chopped- very delicious.
Here is their response:

Sorry Dave, but Jesus #2 was not available until late and he is the good cooking. I feel embarrased because I did not understand you needed this information tonight. Really really sorry. Any way, Jesus is here with me answering these questions for if it is still useful.
1. the ingredients?
a) you can use both types of chile, poblano or chilaca, what jesus cooked at his house was chilaca but it is roasted in a comal and after that you remove the peel, tail and seeds. Then you cut on the long so you get the rajas
b) You also need butter, acid cream, garlic salt, chihuahua cheese, pepper and chicken consomme (in stead of regular salt)
c) put 2 spoons of butter in a pan on fire and after melting put the rajas for about 3 minutes and 250 grs of acid cream. Mix all and then low fire at the minimum level, and then put another 250 grs of cheese in small cubes and after that put half spoon of chiken consomme,
   half spons of garlic salt, three fingers of pepper.
d) After that you need to mix all and turn off the fire and cover pan letting the cheese to melt completely. If you do not turn off the fire soon the cream can be burned very easy.
2. is it traditional? is it historical?
It is a traditional dish at the North of Mexico, but not really historical, at least not by Jesus #2 knowledge. 
 It is served with flour or corn tortillas and fried beans. 
 4. always use poblano peppers?
It can be prepared with chile poblano, for that once you have roasted chile chilaca and removed peel, it must be left during days until it is dehydrated and dry. Jesus is smilling because it can be ready in about 1 week. Jesus has a machine so it is faster. Chile Poblano
has better flavor than others.  
5. mostly in the north?
Right it is most common at the north- you might see it farther southe but it is a Chihuahua dish
 6. Can you buy it from street vendors?
It is not very common to find street vendors selling rajas because it is not a simple dish, more if it made with poblano. 
 7.usually have it at dinner?
It is more used in the luch but also at dinner.  
 OK, well late answers for you dinner tonight, so sorry again. Jesus #2 said that you can take gringos with you at Chihuahua and he will prepare rajas for alll fo you jajajaja.

Nice to hear your voice again, Take care and remember you have 2 mexican brothers. Good bless you and all your family.

Jesus & Jesus

Here is Christinas spot on Channel 10 Philadelphia:

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