Fresh Papayas on the Urique River

by on 18/05/10 at 3:43 pm

We call this thing “AUTHENTIC”  and it means you will have a real experience in real Mexico. Like picking papayas along the chattering Urique River.

May08-1 896

Is this photo sideways?

I don’t think so…Robert (a guest from PA) was balancing there to grab the ripe ones. Getting papayas involves turning them for a bit until they drop off and then throwing down to us below. The ripe ones have just a bit of yellow on them.

May08-1 897 This is the way we do the food trips in Copper Canyon- with plenty of opportunity to get some experience harvesting the foods, cooking them, and enjoying their freshness.

We end up with a fine box of good ones which we enjoy upon our return to Cerocahui. Yum!

This is authentic.

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