Sotol…the brew of Chihuahau.

by on 18/05/10 at 3:54 pm

AXM2E8CA568JCUCAFHR9CWCASE4QVYCAI0DVM0CAED1GQKCA9GNEMICAY4C0W7CA4Z0FJ2CAXXYYCSCAYG7SSMCAIYE9DZCARMM8TICAQI3IABCABX2CPPCAU6335CCAC8ZZCNCAQCYYXJCAC1XGIOCA6CVVE7Chihuahua has few functioning wineries and in the spirits department is best known for sotol production…actually it is known as the state drink of Chihuahua.

This rare spirit is similar to the mescal-type drinks of other parts of Mexico, but this one is produced from the core parts of the stem of the desert plant, Dasylirion wheeleri. 38DC0ECADZ6FM3CA0K6W4RCADER0VFCA9ZF4VYCANUB3DXCAQVJAXLCAWLPUZRCA9AI4IZCADJHWMTCA9RTGSGCA8Y4489CAX059YGCAHGYZ2BCAA02UFACAL1RJLICAIZO0DLCAFUNRMPCARDKPRYCABBPQZX

This stuff is delicious…no hangover and a smooth taste….much preferred over Tequilla.

Our culinary trips will feature a stop at the sotol production near the little town of Janos, not far from St Teresa, New Mexico.

More about this production area and Celso at Don Cuco later.

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