Diana Kennedy’s Orange Flan

by on 14/06/10 at 7:13 pm

DaveFlan 001Here is the Diana Kennedy recipe for this wonderful dessert. First melt 1/2 cup sugar on a slow heat to caramel and coat the bottom of the mold or pan. My dish was too big so I got a smaller square one at IKEA- much better. Set the oven to 350.

DaveFlan 003

Coat the bottom of the dish with the caramel…..move quickly! Grate the rind of two oranges and half a lemon- I want to try lime sometime. Seperate 6 eggs and beat both parts, then combine slowly the eggs, the rind (mixed with 1 cup orange juice and a bit of lemon juice and 1/4 cup of sugar) and pour into dish.

DaveFlan 012

Bake for two hours with the dish in a water bath and covered.

Wow…this stuff is to die for! I see it every once in awhile on our train trips to Copper Canyon – usually it is unflavored.

Ref: Diana Kennedy, “Recipes from the Regional Cooks of Mexico”

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