Orange Flan from Diana Kennedy

by on 14/06/10 at 7:06 pm

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The dessert section of Diana Kennedy's book "Recipes from the Regional Cooks of Mexico".

Diana Kennedy’s regional dishes cookbook has a great recipe for flan, actually orange flan. You can get flan in several places in the Sierras- sometimes though it is a bit manufactured. One place I remember getting it and enjoying it was at “El Supremo” off the square in El Fuerte. El Fuerte is a fine colonial town on the lower end of CHEPE and our trips always stop there for at least one night now. El Supremo cooks their desserts right there…so the quality is high.

Recently when I was there with a group, they had a little handmade crayola sign in the window that said “hay flan”, and it drew me in…yumm.

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I am at work on orange flan a few weeks ago in Bucks County, PA.

So I have gone to work in my little kitchen here on home base and tried out Diana Kennedy’s recipe for orange flan. When we returm there on opur culinary trip, “The Blue Corn Express” , I want to have some fresh flan experience so I can better appreciate this local dessert.

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