Rick Bayless Advice on Avacados

by on 14/06/10 at 7:20 pm

Rick’s book, “Mexico, One Plate at a Time'” has a very helpful section on avacados:

March09 4681.What types to use…California or Haas are best, and be sure they are ripe.

2.Good stuff on gualcamole flavoring…like how to work with avacados in guacamole and other basics

3. Keeping guacamole without overdoing the lime…thanks for the pointers, Rick!

We enjoyed the  guac and veggies above with tacos at “Mi Casitas” (a little open air neighborhood spot) in El Fuerte on an Authentic Copper Canyon trip recently. They are called “aguacates” and they are grown all over expecially at the lower elevations toward El Fuerte.

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