Taquitos…in Champaign, Illinois

by on 14/06/10 at 5:58 pm

People wonder why if I am a guide in Copper Canyon Mexico…why do I live in Champaign, Illinois? Three good reasons:

1. Champaign Urbana is a cool place to live…one of the truly “micro-urban” spots- the term was coined here. This video is a great intro to the Champaign Urbana vibe .

2. I like mountains alot and ave spent much of my life roaming the peaks of Colorado and California…but there is nothing like living on black productive soil where you can see forever.

3. My goode wyfe lives here- I like her alot.

Anyway this town has a few good Mexican groceries and cafes and one is El Charr0. El Charro Mexican Grocery  on Green Street in Champaign has been reviewed in other places, so I will not try to fill that spot.

I did pop in there the other day- its a good resource for peppers, spices, and they serve some tacos etc.

Beef and Chicken tacos at El Charro, Champaign

So I grabbed one of their chicken and one beef taco and I thought they were decent. Lots of cilantro, good soft tortillas, and the meat was tender and flavorful. The only hitch is that usually in Copper and around Chihuahua and Sinaloa, you will get an assortment of vegetables with tacos..

The table at Mi Casitas in El Fuerte.

 …not to mention the ever present fresh pico.

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