Arroz Blanco

by on 15/06/10 at 7:20 pm

Rice sizzling with a bit of garlic and onion


You can make this with just about anything in it…my starting point is with James Peyton’s Arroz Blanco I. I have had this many times in many forms in the Sierra Madres- never too spicy- just as a side dish.

Anyway, I start with oil in a flat pan and chop up some onion and garlic and add one cup of rice. I use brown rice- some prefer and always in Chihuahua you get long grain white rice. Sizzle it for about 5 minutes until it just begins to turn color.

Carrots...good for you...I use more than most recipes say to. I find that you kind of have to push the real veggies to keep norteno food healthy enough for my taste,


 Add 2 1/4 cups of chicky broth or water and a bit more garlic (ajo) if you like. Also add 1/2 cup or so cut up carrots (zanahoria).

Bring this to a low simmer and cook until the water is absorbed.

Then add 1/2 cup of peas and 1/4 cup of cilantro chopped up, cover and steam on low heat for 5 minutes, stir it and let it steam covered for another 5 or so and you are done.

We had this rice with some sesame tuna and brocc...very tasty!

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