Huitlacoche…don’t ask, just eat it!

by on 23/06/10 at 2:48 pm

This delicacy is really just corn smut– not exactly what one might consider fine cuisine. Yet in Chihuahua and through the Copper Canyon area, this black oozy stuff is served as a fine food. My first experience was in the home of friends in Chihuahua City. Our hosts beamed with pride as they served us what looked like congealed ink.

Our host proudly served us huitlacoche along with his usual feast in Chihuahua City

Also spelled “cuitlacoche” at times, this dish has its origins from the Aztecs. It is commonly served as a garnish or as filling for tortillas. I have seen it in local Mexican  groceries canned- but honestly, it is enough of a challenge for me to eat it fresh- not sure I could handle the canned variety.

The taste is mushroom like and indeed this fungus was named the “Mexican Truffle” by chefs at the James Beard Foundation several years ago. The fungus is harvested while still moist and is usually cooked with garlic or onion or used fresh in other dishes. Gourmet Sleuth has some good tips on recipes and preparation.

Huitlacoche in a fresh taco from Newcity Resto site.

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