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Asado is this traditional meat dish through the Copper Canyon area which is made in a variety of ways. The meat can be pork or beef and the make up of the stuff can be from stew out to something like pulled pork. It can stand alone or be served with rice or be filling for tortillas. To the west in Sinaloa, it has more vegetables in it- like potatoes, beets, squash or whatever. Over in Chihuahua is more meaty and is usually in tortillas.

Here is a Chihuahua version made with pork.

Cook the garlic and peppers to soft before blending.


Get some peppers- hot if you like it that way and several cloves of garlic. Like for 2 lbs of meat 2 peppers and 4 cloves of garlic. Cut the peppers and smash the garlic and cook in a cup of water until soft.

Set aside to cool and then blend- I use our handy little Magic Chef.

Really you can chose what kinds of pepper to use.

Also I added a few sprigs of cilantro to this to open up the flavor a bit.

Cube the meat and add Mexican oregano and garlic.


Get 2-2.5 lbs of pork. I got shoulder, but I think butt or loin would work as well. Cube it up and place in a large heavy skillet with some minced garlic and 1/4 cup or so of Mexican oregano. Note that you need to remove the little stems from the oregano if they are present- they are like eating little sticks if left in.

Add a cup or so of water and a bit of olive or other oil and bring this to a boil. Stir and boil for a bit then let simmer for and hour. Stop cooking when the water is almost gone.

Be sure the pork is cooked and tender.

Once you have things cooked, add the blended peppers and some sliced bell pepper.


Blend the pepper garlic mixture and add to the meat along with a sliced up bell pepper and salt and pepper.

Now let it cook together for 1/2 hour or so until the flavors mingle and the water is gone…it wont hurt to let it cook longer.

You can add other vegetables with the pepper depending on what kind of dish  you want. Just be sure to give time for them to get soft and get some of the flavorings. and full of flavor.


This stuff is good along side some steamed rice or on tortillas.

This asado is good with some tomatoes or salsa.

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