Squash Blossoms…Flor de Calabacitas

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August flor de calabacitas at Casa de Nopal in Casasa Grandes.

“Flor de Calabacitas” or squash blossoms are commonly seen in the market and on the tables around the Copper Canyon area once the summer rains start – mainly during July and August.

Buying squash blossoms in the market in El Fuerte.


Usually the larger blossoms seen in this picture come from the typical larger squash – calabacita criolla – and are about 50 per pound according to Diana Kennedy. Often the ones in farmers markets in the uS are from zucchini and are smaller. They also give a green hue to soups or when fried a bit. Obviously you want to handle carefully and use these little gems right away.

We experience these delicious flowers in a variety of ways in the canyon. Soups often have the steamed or creamed. They will show up in huevos in the morning or just as a part of a vegetable creation at the evening meal. They are also often part of canned vegetables along with nopal and quelites (greens).

Sol at Noritari near San Juanito is a master at using these blossoms to give fragrance to the dining area and flavor to her  cocina’s creations.

Chef Sol at Noritari with her early morning harvest.

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