Sotol and how to buy it…if you can find it.

by on 16/09/10 at 3:29 pm

Sotol is much like tequila, but I think smoother overall – in particular it lacks the aftertaste of some tequilas. Another difference I have noticed is that there  is no hangover.

Hacienda is the most common brand of sotol found in US liquor stores in my experience. I much prefer the various kinds of Don Cuco sotol and stores in California and Texas will begin to stock Don Cuco more and more.

A note on sotol brands: this stuff is hard to find in US stores. You can by it on our journeys and the import tax is usually very low. Celso at Don Cuco in Janos just entered several of his sotols in a major contest in southern California and brought home some blue ribbons- this is good stuff.

Don Cuco sotols come in several varieties...I like the Suave or the Reposado.

Celso and Emma and their family make these sotols on their little hacienda near Janos. We stop there regularly and will drop in there  in early October on our first Copper Canyon culinary trip, “The Blue Corn Express”.

There are some other local places where this uniquely Chihuahuan drink is produced – east of Chihuahua City and down south of town in Delicias.

I have compared sotol to tequila and it can be used as a substitute for it or mezcal.

Celso Jaquez and I at their hacienda near Janos...that is a genuine General Pershing (as in the guy who tried to nail Pancho Villa) wagon.

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  1. mary webster

    Aug 20th, 2013

    A friend would often bring a bottle of Sotol as a gift. I’m down to the last sips. How and where can I buy more?


  2. Copper Canyon Guy

    Aug 20th, 2013

    You know I think Hacienda is distributed in many states in larger liquor stores. Don Cuco is in 4 states now. email them off their site-their reposada is the preferred product–unless you can buy unlabeled from the locals in Madera.

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