Coffee in Copper Canyon

by on 17/09/10 at 2:54 pm

I was at Noritari, a delightful wooded lodge high in the Sierra Madres, with Alfredo Murillo recently. We were doing some last minute scouting for the upcoming first ever culinary trip to Copper Canyon, “The Blue Corn Express”. Chef Sol at Noritari pulled out all the stops, serving us amaranth seed soup with squash blossoms (flor de calabacitas), tongue, and all kinds of creations.

Chef Sol at Noritari with her morning crop of flor de calabacitas.

So we enjoyed several creative delicacies there. But easily one of the most memorable came first thing in the morning- her coffee!

We stood waking up in her kitchen as she sing-songed along about food (it’s all about aroma and flavor) as she cooked up a big open pot of coffee.

She used 1/2 hunk of piloncillo, some sticks of cinnamon (canela) boiled for awhile in water, then with the heat off she added a cup or so of coffee and let it sit as we talked. Then she strained it and served it steamy….so good!

Peaceful Noritari in the pines above San Juanito, Copper Canyon, Mexico.

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