Noritari and Chef Sol

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A Guest Comments on Noritari and Chef Sol

The recent culinary trip to Copper Canyon on the train was the first of its kind and a raging success. We experienced the rugged and hearty ranch food in the mountains, the tasty seacoast creations in El Fuerte, the unique cheesy creations of the Mennonites- AND the creative and warm hospitality of Chef Sol at Noritari.

Dave Hensleigh presenting Chef Sol with a "Blue Corn Express" banner at Noritari.

It is hard to describe Sol’s approach to food. She is original …her dishes are delicate and flavorful…yet she maintains that hearty cowwboy angle that the Sierra Madres are known for. You never go away hungry

There is always something special- amaranth seeds, pickled watermelon rind, and always a nice bottle of wine. We even had breakfast salads- delicious!

Local pottery adorns the grounds at Noritari.

Noritariis such a lovely place- cabins spread through a pine wooded area with a stream running through it- people love this place. There is good hiking on the grounds, warm cozy firplaces in each room- and the whole place is solar.

The quiet, the smells, the gracious Mexican hospitality…enchanting.

"The Blue Corn Express"- the first and only culinary trip to Copper Canyon.

The next “Blue Corn Express” culinary trip to Copper Canyon is coming in April, 2011…welcome aboard!

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