Apples in Mennonite country

by on 01/08/11 at 2:50 pm

One of the major crops in the Copper Canyon area comes from the Mennonite basin and the Cuauhtemoc area. The vast apple (as well as prunes, pears, etc) stretch as far as you can see and supply almost as many apples and juice as the Washington state areas.

Here are some images of this incredible area:

Fresh pomegranates...yummmm!Apple orchards in May with netting ready to protect from hail.


Apples are for sale by Tarahumara at San Rafael from the train.

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  1. Emalie MacCallum

    Nov 21st, 2011

    Dear Dave, Brent and Brenda were just here. They did not have enough time or were too worn out from sight-seeing to complain about the day of Rain on their trip. Brent took 640 pictures on the trip and is willing to share. E-mail him and ask for the CD.
    We have a new pizza house in Casas Grandes. We will ask if he will design a special pizza for your group.
    This website is totally awesome. Love it but am envious. Emi

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