Andy’s Sotol #1

by on 03/02/12 at 4:21 pm

Mixologist Andy Borbely at Seven Saints in Champaign, Illinois got excited last night when he took his first sip of Don Cuco Reposado Sotol. He and consultant Paul Simpson agreed that this fine spirit will live a good life just sipped or on the rocks.

But soon Andy disappeared in the back and out came two creations. The first I will call “Andy’s Sotol #1” and the second “Andy’s Sotol #2”. I will leave the naming to him later.

Here is Andy’s intro to these creations:

The following cocktails were crafted on-the-fly to enhance but not overpower the intrinsic characteristics of sotol.  I sought to engage both ends of the cocktail spectrum by incorporating a sweeter, fruity flavor profile in one of the cocktails as well as a stronger, spirit-based profile in the second.  What you’ll find is that the proportions let the sotol shine while taking two radically different detours into new flavor territories.

So here is #1:

In a cocktail shaker:

Muddle 4 fresh strawberries

Add: 1 ½ oz Sotol

1oz Aperol

1/2oz St. Germain

1 scant squeeze fresh orange juice…about ¼ oz

Add ice and stir

Strain through a fine strainer

You can see photos of these drinks – and of Andy- at our Copper Canyon Trip site.

The next one- #2 – will follow.

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