One of my favorite Copper Canyon eateries

by on 07/02/13 at 5:02 pm

Usually I don’t frequent Creel that much on our Copper Canyon trips and our groups for one reason or another don’t either. But when I am there I always like to stop into Estelas place to get a bite. This little hole in the wall is just right–good food, wood stove, low prices She keeps the money stuffed in her bra), and good hospitality. The coffee is on early and there is a fire to keep you warm

I recently dropped in there on a snowy morning with some runners on one of our Copper Canyon running trips. She fed them eggs, and mounds of rice and beans–just right.

The food is on at Estelas in Creel

The food is on at Estelas in Creel
















Note that two other very good places to eat in Creel are at Tio Molco and Veronicas (vegetable soup is to die for) on the main drag. The hangover hospital place up by the train tracks is not bad either for burritos and soup.

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