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The Blue Corn Express

We call this premier culinary trip in Copper Canyon “The Blue Corn Express”. The idea was born 4 years ago on the Copper Canyon train as I was daydreaming about all the tremendous food experiences I had up and down the train line. It occurred to me that foodies travel the world for experiences and why not in Copper Canyon. So I designed a nine day trip to immerse people in the little cafes, out of the way wood stove eateries, and restaurants of the Sierra Madres.

Chef Sol at Noritari with her morning crop of flor de calabacitas...a regular stop on "The Blue Corn Express".

Chef Sol at Noritari with her morning crop of flor de calabacitas…a regular stop on “The Blue Corn Express”.

Typical Itinerary 

This is a planned itinerary and may vary slightly to accentuate food experiences.

Included meals are noted.



Day 1-  Arrive in El Paso… or be at your hotel. The airport is a good place to get pesos. Use the Travelex near the spot where you turn right to go to the baggage area. Meet our van at luggage area or be picked up and we head for Santa Teresa NM (20 minutes) to cross into Mexico. We are off through the high Chihuahuan desert toward Casas Grandes. We drop into Janos on the way and get a warm welcome and tour with Celso and Emma at Don Cuco sotol. Sotol is THE drink of Chihuahua and is somewhat like tequila- but better…bring some home!  (L,D)

The journey– We get an introduction to Norteño food as we travel south through the high elevation of the Chihuahua Desert. Burritos and other delicious street foods will be ours to choose from in the little towns.

– The tiny village of Mata   Ortiz is an artistic mecca. The pottery from this area is very special and known around the world for its intricacy and character.

Sotol- This stop at Don Cuco will give you a full introduction (including a few sips) to this fine spirit from the enchanting Chihuahua area.

Casas Grandes– Right on the edge of Casas are the Paquime Indian archaeological ruins- a UNESCO World Heritage site. Food in the Casas area- This is the high desert area and truly ranch country. We will eat at an historic hacienda and savor the local restaurants.


Day 2– We have a relaxed morning and a light breakfast at Casa de Nopal, then off by van through ranch country into the Mennonite area. Lunch in this unique orchard covered area. On to Creel area  for the evening.(B,D)

Creel is a great spot for eating. You will have your choice of little cafes with antojitos and soups or some of the out of the way wood stove eateries

Mennonites- They migrated here from Canada around 1922 and have transformed the high plateaus into some of the most productive land in Chihuahua. Still German speakers, they produce apples, oats, and dairy products- including the famous white Chihuahua cheese.

Day 3– Time for breakfast, a stroll and then to the train to go up into the Sierra Madres. We roll through the mountains to Cerocahui and the little San Isidro lodge…and some delicious food! This is also the area of some of the most famous barefoot runners. (B,L,D)

Cerocahui– This quiet little town sits in a beautiful valley and is a great place to overnight. We will stay above town nearer to the majestic Gallego overlook.

Day 4- We have time to go over to Gallego viewpoint and perhaps down to Urique if we want. . Then we reboard the train for the unsurpassed journey toward our evening destination, El Fuerte. Tunnels, bridges, canyons, mountains…have your cameras ready! Arrive in El Fuerte for dinner…this place is known for incredible food! (B,L)
El Fuerte– A small town with a quaint (and delicious!) market and lots of colonial architecture. History, Indian culture, bird watching, and a palm lined plaza make this place a favorite. There is more seafood here as it is 1.5 hours from the Sea of Cortez.
Day 5 – A full day for relaxing and exploring the area- the wonderful colonial town with lots of opportunities for food and photography. A morning trip to the river for bird watching as we float and a walk through the local petro glyph site. Lunch on your own. The visit to the market here is a must for food, then dinner in a local home with our host Evangelina. (B,D)

Evangelina– This lovely lady with her brother and extended family live in one of the historic mansions off the square in El Fuerte. We often dine with them and get a full taste of some genuine Copper Canyon hospitality.

Day 6 – Board the train in the morning headed northeast for Areponapuchi (Posada Barrancas station). We arrive at this tiny town and a local lodge- above the canyon- Mansion Tarahumara- more incredible food. Dinner, relax as well as perhaps watch the sunset over the vast reaches of Copper Canyon. “Arepo”as we call it, is officially “nowhere Mexico”. The area around Arepo gives us a good long look at Copper Canyon, and we have plenty of time to look around. (B,L,D)
Areponapuchi– Just call it Arepo and don’t expect the big city. This tiny place sits near the rim of some of the best views of Copper Canyon. The new gondola and ziplines are a scenic thrill, and you can walk or ride horses in and around the great canyon. Also a good place to pick up local souvenirs. Horses are available here- huge views!


Day 7– All day to enjoy ziplines, gondola, hiking, etc and a traditional discada meal high above the canyons….then of to Noritari for the evening- a culinary highlight. (B,L,D)

Chef Sol at Noritari– This solar cabanas place in nestled in the pines and Sol is nestled somewhere in culinary Nirvana. You will enjoy her creations and you may cook with her if you like.

Day 8-  A relaxing breakfast and then off through the ranch country to the big apple, ChihuahuaCity. You can try some Mennonite food along the road and then one of the fine eateries in Chihuahua in the evening.  (B)


Day 9–  Relax and perhaps tour Chihuahua a bit for some street food then off for our El Paso hotel. (B).

Day 10– Fly home. (B)


  • Price      for this trip is $1695 USD per person. Single room, add $300.


  • This      includes all guides, transport, and hotels except your visa, gondola and      zipline, and alcohol. I will supply an overview of expected personal      expenses. Meals included are noted in the itin,


  • Deposit      is $500 per  person.


  • Payable      to TopTrips, 514 South Edwin, Champaign,       Il 61821.

Our next trips are in November 2013 and February, 2014–call Dave today at 217.369.9897 or email davehensleigh@gmail.com for info.









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