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Food Book Offer from Lonely Planet

I just received a “3 for 2” offer for Lonely Planet guidebooks and I would highly recommend it. The books are not overpriced anyway and their quality to foodies is unsurpassed. Even their phrasebooks are packed with valuable food info. Here is an example from my travels last week in Mexico City. We are putting […]

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Real Mexican Tortas

I was in Chihuahua the other day and Alfredo Murillo and I dropped into a new little streetside eatery in Casas Grandes. I was a little cautious about the place–not being sure the food would be that tasty. So we both ordered tortas–like their primo one with lots of meat. It was one of the […]

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Harina Tortillas…how do they get them so thin?

I have seen this done in homes, on roadsides, and in little roadhouse eateries on this one near Janos. It looks easy when you see it done. However to keep those thin little deals to keep from rolling up on the roller is a trick…a pressure and timing trick. Watch this video closely to see […]

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