There are quite a number of valuable sites and books out there for The foods of Copper Canyon.

We will build this together over time, but to get started, here are some good books:

Food From My Heart, by Zarela Martinez– Zarela is a good friend and one of the truly knowledgeable chefs from Chihuahua. She lives now in New York where she started the infamous Zarela Restaurant.

-“El Norte, The Cuisine of Northern Mexico“, by James W. Peyton- The folks at Santa Fe School of Cooking tell me this is the best. I have used it and agree- though missing and under-emphasizing certain distinct Norteno foods, like sotol and verduras of all kinds- a very valuable resource.

– “Mexican Everyday“, by Rick Bayless- No book list is complete without Rick’s books…and his enthusiasm for this great cuisine!

Now…send me more resources and sites and lets make this a great library.