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Agua Chile at Titas

I have blogged before about this incredible dish we often enjoy at the bottom of Copper Canyon at Titas place in the little town of Urique. Usually this place is known for its colorful history. More currently it is famous for being the home of the Copper Canyon ultra- marathon, 54 miles of grueling trail […]

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Fresh Papayas on the Urique River

We call this thing “AUTHENTIC”  and it means you will have a real experience in real Mexico. Like picking papayas along the chattering Urique River. Is this photo sideways? I don’t think so…Robert (a guest from PA) was balancing there to grab the ripe ones. Getting papayas involves turning them for a bit until they […]

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Agua Chile

I was in the little town of Urique again last month and we enjoyed some of this cold shrimp soup there at Titas called “agua chile”. I watched as they prepped it and Tita gave me this recipe: Put in the metate some black pepper, 1/2 garlic, wild oregano, 3 little chiles, and then what she […]

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